Juta Textile

is a specialized fabric manufacturer and wholesaler of all types of knitted fabrics. Our main office is located in Selangor, Malaysia. We supply a wide range of products such as nylon/lycra fabrics, polyester, cotton lycra fabrics, microfibre dri-release fabrics, merino wool fabrics, polypropylene fabrics, bamboo charcoal fabrics, tricot, bamboo yarn fabrics, etc.


       Featured Products:

       Our Products:

Microfibre Maize 23 products
Microfibre Millet 27 products
ION Lycra 26 products
Microfibre RJ 1 products
Microfibre Twill 1 products
Microfibre Eyelet 90 products
Smooth Lycra 1 products
Lycra - Spandex 14 products
Cotton 4 products
Fashion Fabric 35 products

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